Dragons of Autumn


This campaign takes place in the world of Krynn and during atumn.

Darkness has fallen over poor, suffering
Krynn. Thus it has been since
the great Cataclysm [Three Hundred and Fifty yrs ago], when the old
world fell. Curse the High Priest of Istar,
whose pride caused him to give orders
to the True Gods! For the Gods
punished Krynn for this blasphemy,
and much was forever lost. Lost were
the great cities, the accumulated wisdom
and knowledge of many generations.
Lost as well was all knowledge
of the True Gods, and mankind sank
into idolatry. Priests lost their power,
and mankind lost hope for its salvation.
But hope always spring from the
most modest of causes, and so it was
that the the companions began a quest.

Five years ago they set out from the Inn of
the Last Home, seeking knowledge of
the True Gods. In five years they found
nothing, and so all returned to the
sleepy town of Solace, the tree-city
built in a vallenwood grove. All returned
save one:
whose whereabouts are yet unknown.

Player Backgrounds are soon to come.

The World of Krynn: Mountain Strongholds

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