The World of Krynn: Mountain Strongholds

A Gathering in a Strange Time

The Inn of the Last Home, Solace

Scouting ends

Five years have passed very quickly for each of the five companions.
Although their journeys took them far across Abanasnia, the Plains of Dust, and the Kharolis Mountains the companions only recovered one scrap of proof that the old gods still interact with the people of Krynn.

The Paladin, Kresh, the half-ogre, has ventured across mountain foothills and strange forests. He has bore witness to a palpable gloom that hangs over the land. Kresh and the half-elf, Brennus, discovered an ancient, ruined temple being used by unnatural creatures for a teleportation end point.

And the Kender, David Tasslehoff, found the paladin by a river at the base of the Kharolis mountains and took him to another ancient temple dedicated to the old God Habbakuk.


[[[Habbakuk (hab-buh-kuk) was/is the divine power of persistence. He is lord god of the beasts, and patron of hunters, rangers, druids, sailors, and the natural cycle of life and death. He opposes undeath and aberrations of magic.]]]

When Dave Tasslehoff and Kresh made it to the temple of Habbakuk they discovered that it too had been hijacked and desecrated by evil creatures [this time it was a horde of goblins who had made it their gathering place].

After a large battle and a few close calls The kender and the half-ogre have found something… albeit small that should sway a few unbelievers.

So, now it is time. The five companions head for Solace and the familiarity of the huge vallenwood trees that the town is built in. And, also, they head for an inn, called the Inn of the Last Home. where they can rest, recoup and share what they have all learned of the growing rumors and heightened tension on the continent.innoflasthome.jpg


Solace used to be a part of the Qualinesti elven realm. The elves decided, about 100 yrs ago, it was not worth to keep that area as it was far from their capital, Qualinost. The first settlement used to be frequently attacked by goblins, thus the inhabitants decided to build the houses in the branches of the gigantic Vallenwood trees in the area.
Even though the goblin raids lessened, the city grew in the trees, until all except the forge and the stables were located above the ground below.



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