The World of Krynn: Mountain Strongholds

Xak Tsaroth: DOWN! On to Pax Tharkas
by way of Sal Mori, the secret way

Solace Attacked!

The companions met in the Inn of the Last Home, high in the vallenwood trees, and sat down to discuss their findings from the last five years.

Two plains nomads entered the inn and the grey-robed traveller, Fizban, prompted the female tribesman to play a song about her and her lover’s past.
The song upset the High Theocrat, Hederick, the Seeker, and through a series of unfortunate events [started by Kresh tripping Hederick] the High theocrat was set ablaze and healed accidentally by David Tasslehoff and the Blue Crystal Staff.
With the guards having been notified and the situation looking bleak for the companions and the plainsmen in the Inn, Tika [the barmaid] shooed the Companions out the kitchen where then descended out of the tree and made for tika’s house to regroup.
After regrouping in the empty house of their barmaid friend, the group decided to get out of town and seek the council of those in Haven for info on the Blue Crystal Staff. Under the patrols of the hobgoblin and draconian patrols our heroes made their way blindly into the enchanted Darken Wood.


Upon entering they were ambushed by 8 dracos draco.jpg which they dealt with handily. They chased a straggler to a cliffs edge where they met a group of centaurs who served the Forestmaster. Once the centaurs were made aware that the group carried among them the Blue Crystal staff, they took the Companions to meet the Forestmaster [who turned out to be a unicorn].
The Forestmaster told them that their coming had been foretold to him by a “man of great power” who had also instructed the unicorn to send the travelers on to Xak Tsaroth by the quickest means possible.

The Forestmaster of Darkenwood

So the companions set out on their first really focused quest: to enter Xak Tsaroth and recover a religious relic described as “the greatest gift ever given to beings on Krynn” and then escape.
On the backs of griffons they rode and slept until the griffons set them down 16 miles outside of Xak Tsaroth.
Goldmoon and Riverwind discovered their burnt village on the plains of dust outside the swamp of Xak Tsaroth. A message was left under three crucified draconians by the Ogre who killed Kresh’s dad that read “this is what happens to those who take prisoners against my command.”

Xak Tsaroth loomed gloomily ahead and after they crossed a vine bridge and slipped by the deadly swamp plants the Companions came to the old overgrown temple complex in the middle of the dank swamp. As they passed the well in the temple’s courtyard the black Dragon Kisanth burst from the large well and shrouded them in a magical darkness and froze them with a wave of fear. The Companions fumbled blindly for cover as they heard the dragon passing overhead. Lyra, the Kagonesti princess, was struck by the Dragon’s breath weapon and the acid ate her calf to the bone. The dragon disappeared after to passes back into the well, driven there by the sunlight and the efforts of riverwind and goldmoon. The group dragged the crippled Lyra into the temple and shut the doors fearing the return of Kisanth.

Goldmoon touched the Blue Crystal Staff to Lyra and restored her leg. The heroes found themselves in an ancient temple dedicated to the god of healing, Mishakal, and a statue of Mishakal’s likeness came alive and spoke with them telepathically. It told them that deep within the underground city of Xak Tsaroth the Disks of Mishakal [a holy relic from an earlier age] lay in the dragon’s treasure horde room and that they must retrieve these disks and bestow them upon a leader who could help bring back the message of the forgotten good gods of Krynn.

The Companions took it upon themselves and plunged into the dungeon. Tasslehoff quickly made a gully dwarf girlfriend +1 gully dwarf admirers when he charmed a group in a dirty underground corridor. The gully dwarves took the group to the Great Up-Down Up-Down Machine [the lard pot elevator] and told them of the scary bosses that made them get into the pots to work the elevator. Kresh, Tas, Brennus, and Lyra made quick work of the draconian guards and we led to have an audience with The Great Highbulp Phudge the First, leader of the gully dwarves after they descended fully to the base of a gigantic city-sized cavern where the ruined city sat on the banks of a vast underground sea. In the hall of Phudge I, they pleaded their case to the gully dwarf leader who assisted them with a map to the dragon’s lair.

The Companions found themselves locked in mortal combat with the young black dragon Kisanth and defeated him taking the Disks of Mishakal as their prize.
They spilled the dragon’s blood on the altar in the great hall of the dragon and the undergound ruins started to slip into the underground sea. They ran through the ruins for the elevator and fought their way to the top while carrying a chest and with the assistance of the Amulet of Escaping they found the group teleport-ed to woods outside of the town Gateway.

After a short rest for the night, the intrepid adventurers made their way into Gateway with Goldmoon [the newly made cleric of mishakal] and Riverwind and were captured along with the high-elf Gilthanas, the Blacksmith Theros Ironfeld [whose arm was amputated shortly after capture], and Fizban the wandering wizard.


In the cage of the slave caravan the companions were transported towards Pax Tharkas [a place where the Red Dragon Armies were holding the slaves from Gateway and Solace]. On the path there they found out Gilthanas was Qualinesti royalty and the Qualinesti rangers ambushed the caravan and Tasslehoff picked the lock on their cage.
They escaped into the forest with the rangers and Brennus spoke up for the human refugees and had the elves take them through their homeland at the protest of Porthios and Gilthanas [both sons of the Qualinesti leader The Speaker of the Sun].
Upon entering the Qualinesti capitol, Qualinost, the adventurers noticed that the city was packing to leave and after speaking with The Speaker of the Suns they found out that the elves were indeed planning to leave their homeland under the threat of attack by the Red Dragon Army. They found through the Speaker that the Red Dragon army had already destroyed and subjugated Solace and Gateway. The Speaker beseeches them for help in disrupting the Red Dragon Highlord’s plans by freeing the slaves or somoehow causing a disturbance big enough to delay the attack on Qualinesti.

Gilthanas volunteers to accompany them and show them the Sal-Mori or “Secret way” into Pax Tharkas and the heroes disembarked for the slave stronghold.

We left off with the Companions deep within the ancient tomb of the greatest Elven leader, Kith-Kanan, where they had fought a giant slug among other things. And Brennus had Wyrmslayer, the legendary sword of Kith-Kanan, bestowed upon him in his moment of need by the corpse of Kith-Kanan himself. And they fought the specter of an ancient drow who was bound to guard to treasury of Kith-Kanan. Armed with a few assorted magic items and the blessing of the Qualinesti elves and the god Mishakal the adventurers face their greatest challenge NEXT TIME! AS OUR HEROES FACE THE VERY LEADERSHIP OF THE RED DRAGON ARMY IN A COMPOUND THAT THEY KNOW CONTAINS TWO RED DRAGONS!!! [How will they cope? What plan will they execute to throw a wrench in the conquest or The Ogre Highlord?]

A Gathering in a Strange Time
The Inn of the Last Home, Solace

Scouting ends

Five years have passed very quickly for each of the five companions.
Although their journeys took them far across Abanasnia, the Plains of Dust, and the Kharolis Mountains the companions only recovered one scrap of proof that the old gods still interact with the people of Krynn.

The Paladin, Kresh, the half-ogre, has ventured across mountain foothills and strange forests. He has bore witness to a palpable gloom that hangs over the land. Kresh and the half-elf, Brennus, discovered an ancient, ruined temple being used by unnatural creatures for a teleportation end point.

And the Kender, David Tasslehoff, found the paladin by a river at the base of the Kharolis mountains and took him to another ancient temple dedicated to the old God Habbakuk.


[[[Habbakuk (hab-buh-kuk) was/is the divine power of persistence. He is lord god of the beasts, and patron of hunters, rangers, druids, sailors, and the natural cycle of life and death. He opposes undeath and aberrations of magic.]]]

When Dave Tasslehoff and Kresh made it to the temple of Habbakuk they discovered that it too had been hijacked and desecrated by evil creatures [this time it was a horde of goblins who had made it their gathering place].

After a large battle and a few close calls The kender and the half-ogre have found something… albeit small that should sway a few unbelievers.

So, now it is time. The five companions head for Solace and the familiarity of the huge vallenwood trees that the town is built in. And, also, they head for an inn, called the Inn of the Last Home. where they can rest, recoup and share what they have all learned of the growing rumors and heightened tension on the continent.innoflasthome.jpg


Solace used to be a part of the Qualinesti elven realm. The elves decided, about 100 yrs ago, it was not worth to keep that area as it was far from their capital, Qualinost. The first settlement used to be frequently attacked by goblins, thus the inhabitants decided to build the houses in the branches of the gigantic Vallenwood trees in the area.
Even though the goblin raids lessened, the city grew in the trees, until all except the forge and the stables were located above the ground below.

Prologue to Our Adventure


The Companions journey for Solace from whence they had set out from five years ago.

Although various rumors were heard along the way only a few seem of any relevance to our adventurers:

1. A growing, dark power has awakened on Krynn and are heard to be amassing armies of strange and wicked creatures to the north.

2. The old gods: Paladine (god of good and king), Mishakal (god of healing), Gilean (god of neutrality/history), Tahkisis (Queen of darkness) and others do not seem to make themselves known on Krynn. People say they have abandoned the world.

3. Wicked and powerful men have sprung up across Ansalon [the continent that this adventure takes place on] calling themselves “Dragon HIghlords” and wear frightful armor of the color matching the breed of dragon which they seem to have dominion over

and 4. Sightings of Chromatic evil dragons have been reported on the borders of Ansalon in the past few seasons. Most sightings come from the Solamnic lands to the North.

On the night of the first day that the adventure picks up the Companions have agreed to meet at the Inn of the Last Home in Solace township to discuss the findings of the past five years.

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