Fistandantilus (? PC – 39 AC), also known as the “Dark One”, was a tall, slender man with a long, iron-grey pointed beard, thin bony hands, broad shoulders, well-built body, and was tall. He always wore his plain, midnight black robes in plain sight, and was the most powerful Black Robe of his time. He always radiated cold, and when he would stand in one place for too long would actually kill the grass and other plants in the immediate area.
Fistandantilus owned a castle, but would stay at his personal apartments in the Tower of Wayreth [Tower of High Sorcery]. At the height of his power in Istar, he knew every language, custom, and lore of all known races on Krynn. He thought it beneath him to own a familiar, but his staff was a very much sought-after item after his death 312 yrs ago. The archmage was able to travel anywhere on Krynn in the blink of an eye, and was used as a bogeyman by parents to scare their children. However unlike most bogeyman tales, his powers were all very much real. He even wrote a book Observations on the Structure of Reality.

Skullcap Mountain north of the hidden gate of Thorbardin is associated with Fistandantilus.



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