Kith Kanan

Kith Kanan was once flesh and blood but now he is only bones. Ruling from his buried throne over his tomb in Sal-Mori


Kith-Kanan Silvanos (2308 PC – 1892 PC) was born the son of the Speaker of the Stars Sithel Silvanos and Nirakina Silver Moon, and was the twin brother of Sithas Silvanos. The birth of elven twins is a very rare occurrence and cause for great celebration. Kith-Kanan had brown skin & eyes, broad shoulders, and hard muscles in his younger years.

Kith-Kanan was buried in the Hall of the Ancients in the Sla-Mori of Pax Tharkas. There his undead warriors of the Kith-Kanan’s Royal Guard protect him in death.


Kith Kanan

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